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Who am I ?

Photography is not so much a profession but rather an art of drawing with light. As an artist, my passion is to work with the tools which best allow me to create. As a photographer I am allowed to blend my artistic talent with my technical skills to produce compelling images by the recording of light or other electromagnetic radiation. The science of light has always fascinated me, and since it exists in a constantly changing environment I find the pursuit of recording visual states offers me an ever changing palette from which to work from.

I was introduced to photography by my grandfather at an early age. He nurtured my technical interest by providing me with my first cameras and showed me how the camera can be the portal to capturing images. Later in life as my artistic sense developed and matured, I found the tools which would provide an outlet for my artistic expression: the camera, the lens and the light. Life is too short and since the future is unknown, it is human nature to want to remember the past. If there is another medium that allows us to see and feel the past other than photography, I am not aware of it.

Hunter Marston